Mortgage Calculator

A software calculator to evaluate and compare various mortgage offers.

What is Mortgage Calculator?

Mortgage Calculator is a software tool that allows you to evaluate and compare various mortgage offers. It calculates essential values and amortization schedules for a number of different mortgages.

Mortgage Calculator - Screenshot Mortgage Calculator Features:
  • Compare multiple loan offers
  • Automatic calculation of costs
  • Easy to print amortization schedules
  • Comprehensive glossary
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Evaluate and Compare Mortgage Offers

Here is how it works: you enter details of several mortgage offers, and Mortgage Calculator computes bottom-line values for each offer. By comparing these values, you will easily see which mortgage offer suits you best.

These bottom-line values include things like how much you will have to pay monthly, how much of your debt will remain on a particular date, and how much you will pay back over the whole period of the loan.

To help you visualize how your debt decreases during the loan term, Mortgage Calculator generates an Amortization Schedule table. You can easily compare several schedules to see which mortgage offer lets you sign your debt off more quickly.

Features and Benefits of Mortgage Calculator

Compare multiple loan offers

Multiple loan offers are clearly displayed and compared in a single window. You can easily add, copy, edit and remove loan offers.

Automatic calculation of costs

Monthly payments, principal and remaining interest on any given date, total amount of interest, total sum to pay are all calculated automatically.

Easy to print amortization schedules

Mortgage Calculator generates detailed amortization schedules. The amortization schedules allow you to evaluate and compare how the principal and interest would be paid off throughout the entire term of each mortgage.

Comprehensive glossary

An easy-to use glossary helps you clarify obscure mortgage terms.

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