Mortgage Calculator

A software calculator to evaluate and compare various mortgage offers.

Getting Started

After you have installed Mortgage Calculator, launch it by selecting Start > Programs > Mortgage Calculator > Mortgage Calculator or double-click the Mortgage Calculator desktop icon. You will see the main program window. There are three sample projects listed in the table:

Mortgage Calculator

To enter a mortgage offer into Mortgage Calculator:

  • Press the New mortgage button or just hit Ctrl+N on the keyboard.
  • Fill in the values in the fields on the left hand part of the Mortgage Properties window. See Creating a new loan project to learn what they mean.
  • Press the Calculate button. The program will now calculate loan variables such as monthly payment and total payment.
  • Check the results in the Amortization Schedule on the right (see the screenshot below).
  • Press the Save button and close the Mortgage Properties window. Your new loan project will now be added to the loan table.

The Amortization Schedule looks like this:

Amortization schedule

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