Mortgage Calculator

A software calculator to evaluate and compare various mortgage offers.

Exporting and Importing

If you need to reinstall Mortgage Calculator (on another computer, for instance or if you have to reinstall Windows), all your loan projects will be lost. To avoid this, we recommend that you export all loan projects to a file as a backup. You can save this file on a removable drive and import it back into the reinstalled Mortgage Calculator at a later date. Also, the Import function may be used to move projects between Mortgage Calculator installations on different computers.

You can only export or import the entire list of loan projects; you cannot export or import a single project.

Exporting loan projects

To export your data to a file:

  1. Select Mortgage > Export... from the menu.
  2. Specify the file name and location.

Mortgage Calculator will export all your loan projects into a single .mgd file. After the export, it is recommended that you save the .mgd file to a removable drive such as a floppy disk or CD, so that you can later import it back into Mortgage Calculator.

Importing loan projects

To import data from an .mdg file:

  1. Select Mortgage > Import... from the menu.
  2. Specify the location of an .mgd file.
  3. Click Open to import the projects into your current database.

Please note that the export and import functions are not available in the trial version.

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