Mortgage Calculator

A software calculator to evaluate and compare various mortgage offers.

Sorting the Projects

You can sort the projects in the loan table according to any one of the following project parameters:

  • Name – sorts the projects by name in alphabetical order;
  • Amount – sorts the projects by loan amount;
  • Interest rate – sorts the projects by effective interest rate;
  • Term – sorts the projects by loan term;
  • Payment – sorts the projects by amount to pay;
  • Total Interest – sorts the projects by the total interest you are required to pay according to your mortgage agreement;
  • Total Payment – sorts the projects by the total sum (principal plus interest) you are to pay according to the mortgage agreement;
  • Discount Points number – sorts the projects by number of discount points;
  • Discount Point value – sorts the projects by discount point value;
  • Notes – sorts the projects by notes in alphabetical order;
  • Created – sorts the projects by creation time and date.

To sort the table, select View > Sort by from the menu; or click the corresponding column title. Click the column title again or select View > Sort by > Descending from the menu to reverse the sorting order, such as Z to A, largest to smallest, youngest to oldest.

Sorting the projects

Choosing the Columns to Display in the Table

You can specify which columns will be displayed in the loan table. Select View > Columns from the menu and tick the columns that you would like to be visible in the loan table. The Name column cannot be hidden.

Choosing the columns to display in the table

Please note that you cannot sort the projects by hidden parameters.

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